Visualization & Information Management

Effective mine management requires the right information be provided to the right decision maker at the right time – and with the right context.

Breaking down departmental ‘silos’ by providing a simple, scalable and configurable central view, complete with all the pertinent mine information required for advanced decision-making related to production, maintenance and safety.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Mining companies, consulting houses and technology suppliers all recognize that ‘big data analytics’, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the latest tools being used to improve operational efficiency, optimise workflows, and improve safety in mining.

Like many other industries, mining has been and will continue to be affected by the rise of “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Remote Operations Centre Services

RAMJACK’s first of its kind remote operations centre (rROC) includes 24/7 monitoring in real-time, direct communications with key resources on-site and is coupled with a detailed communication plan ensuring all safety, operational and security requirements are met.

If your mine could benefit from having expert resources engaged with your operations personnel 24/7, then rROC may be for you.

Technology Selection & Implementation Services

Bridging the gap between mine operators working in challenging markets and original technology manufacturers who build best-of-breed technologies.

Providing detailed evaluation of the existing technology landscape and an investigation into the most significant pain points.