Rock Movement Monitoring

Using real-time monitoring of extensometers that are either active (instrumented cable bolt) or passive (MPBX – Multipoint Borehole Extensometers) rock support systems to measure the Elastic Deformation of the rock and the movement that occurs beyond breakage

Rock Movement Monitoring Systems increase mine safety and efficiency by tracking Fall Of Ground (FOG) risk by measuring rock displacement.

Air Quality Monitoring

Using RAMJACK Air Quality Monitoring Systems that are composed of an array of fixed and wireless all-in-one gas sensors that measure readings at the face and relay that information in real-time to a central server for analysis and action.

Improves available shift work time and productivity by dispatching crews at the start of shift to the faces that can be worked and taking better corrective actions to the problematic faces.

Tailings Dam Monitoring

The RAMJACK Tailings Dam Monitoring System consists of piezometers and other geotechnical instruments that communicate in real time to a central server.

By implementing this RAMJACK system, mines receive data in real-time, allowing them to respond instantaneously to changes in the mining environment and, in turn, saving time and money.

Groundwater Monitoring

Ground Water Monitoring System consists of piezometers communicating in real-time to a central server. Open pit and certain underground operations require a vast array of piezometers to determine groundwater levels and forecast pumping needs for mine dewatering.

As a result, control room operators can act on changes to the water table model quickly in order to maximise employee safety and avoid serious risk.

Backfill Monitoring

Using the RAMJACK Backfill Monitoring System comprising of two types of Vibrating Wire (VW) pressure monitoring sensors, which are used in concert to measure the performance of backfill. The sensors are monitored in real-time from the first pour to the end of the mining process.

Helping reduce cement cost and maximise production.

Rock Stress Monitoring

The RAMJACK Rock Stress Monitoring System delivers wireless telemetry of vibrating wire stress meter data to a control room. This data allows for the direct measurement of:
-Stress changes in a mine’s geotechnical program
-Data in support of blast re-entry procedures for underground mines.

The value is the predictive capability and real-time communications.

Seismic Monitoring

Seismic Monitoring System consisting of installing geophones and listening for the sound of the rock cracking under stress.

A Seismic Monitoring System is key to identifying the ideal cooling down period, ensuring that both safety and production are optimised.


RAMJACK’s Tracking Systems make use of a wide range of real-time location tracking technologies, based on need, including:
-GPS – on surface, and underground through signal propagation via Leaky Feeder;
-Active / Passive RFID tags and tag readers;
-Time-of-Flight chipsets with triangulation;
-Point Cloud & IMU sensor fusion with feature recognition;
-Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) beacons and tag readers

Location tracking is the cornerstone for value generation from almost all production and safety management solutions in mining.

Proximity Detection Systems

The RAMJACK Proximity Detection System consists of real-time devices that communicate peer-to-peer to provide situational awareness information to equipment operators and miners in real time.

Proximity Detection is the first step towards a full-fledged Collision Avoidance System, which is fast becoming a legislative requirement in the mining industry around the world.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Vehicle Health Monitoring Systems use purpose-built, rugged data telemetry devices that interface with the CANBUS on a wide range of mobile equipment and fixed plant machinery.

Real-time monitoring through a Vehicle Health Monitoring System can provide huge savings to any mining operation through prevention of catastrophic failures as well as improved MTTR (mean time to repair) and MTBF (mean time between failure).

Payload Monitoring

RAMJACK’s Payload Monitoring systems rise to the challenge by providing accurate, reliable and timely payload information to the operators that are best able to make adjustments to maximise productivity.

The data is clear, whether on surface or underground, payload management is guaranteed to improve mine productivity.