Fatigue Management

Fatigue Management using proven electroencephalogram measurement standards to constantly monitor an individual’s alertness levels and provide real-time status updates.

Increased alertness is also proven to improve productivity, reduce equipment wear and save on operating costs (such as fuel, tires, etc.). More alert operators will lead to fewer mistakes, improved performance and a more effective operation.

Fleet Management

RAMJACK is able to bridge the ‘silo’ gaps between disparate IT/OT systems across the mining value chain to deliver an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art, ‘low-code customised’ Fleet Management System.

RAMJACK delivers purpose-built FMS applications for both underground and surface operations fully integrated across the entire mining value chain regardless of your operation’s existing technology landscape.

Production Management

A RAMJACK Production Management System implementation can take many forms but most often, the scope of an effective Production Management System will include:
A comprehensive IoT program ensuring data is collected in real-time from critical instrumentation, personnel, mobile equipment and fixed plant;
An efficient, fit-for-purpose, communications backbone future-proofed for expansion and technological advancements;
An over-arching, interoperable platform that “plays well with others”, integrated across the value chain and consolidating legacy systems for regular, evolutionary expansion of functionality

RAMJACK’s Production Management Systems are designed to help mines achieve this most critical KPIs by maximising production safety and efficiency.

Short Interval Control

Addressing drilling, blasting, loading and hauling efficiently and effectively drives all downstream mining processes.

The implementation of a RAMJACK recommended SIC solution provides payback within a single budget cycle.

Process Execution Management

The key objective is to automatically generate critical tasks – across equipment types – to ensure efficient allocation of resources and efficient execution of critical path assignments.

RAMJACK’s systems provide all the technology needed to realise the efficiency and productivity gains promised by process execution management theory.

Machine Guidance & Mine Automation

Improved safety, increased productivity and reduced variability.

Major mining houses all seek the same increase in productivity, improved safety and reduced variability through the use of technology. Getting it right depends on finding the right combination of technological know-how and a deep understanding of the mining application.

Collision Avoidance

Consisting of rugged devices that communicate peer-to-peer to provide situational awareness information in real-time to equipment operators and miners.

Vehicle-on-vehicle or vehicle-on-pedestrian collisions or near misses cost the industry millions in lost production, repairs and fines. Reduce the risk of such events occurring at your operation, making the work force safer and saving unplanned losses in productivity.